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Difus is Bjorn Olsson.He started painting at an early age and after his frst contacts with psytrancepartys he started making backdrops for psytrance events in - 97. His works arepsychedelic , with a dark mystic touch that echoes the scandinavian nature .Growing up in the 80´s Björn was a child of the analog synth era.He quickly fell in love with the elektronic sound.In 2003 he started producing his own music in FL studio and still is .Early tracks was infuenced by oldschool Goa/Psytrance with progressive sounds.Now producing mainly in the Dark progressive / Forest Progressive style.sometimes streaching in to eather psytech or forest psytrance depending on themood. Björn loves experimenting his way into art and music," - When I´m creating art or music it´s like the same creative process butchanneled in difrent medias, I never have more than a consept or fealing of what iwant to make and from there i let the creative juices guide me. "
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