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Difus is Bjorn Olsson. He started painting at an early age and after his frst contacts with psytrance partys he started making backdrops for psytrance events in - 97. His works are psychedelic , with a dark mystic touch that echoes the scandinavian nature . Growing up in the 80´s Björn was a child of the analog synth era. He quickly fell in love with the elektronic sound. In 2003 he started producing his own music in FL studio and still is . Early tracks was infuenced by oldschool Goa/Psytrance with progressive sounds. Now producing mainly in the Dark progressive / Forest Progressive style. sometimes streaching in to eather psytech or forest psytrance depending on the mood. Björn loves experimenting his way into art and music, " - When I´m creating art or music it´s like the same creative process but channeled in difrent medias, I never have more than a consept or fealing of what i want to make and from there i let the creative juices guide me. "
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