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Diffus - Web Of Wyrd

Diffus – Web Of Wyrd Out Now :The Web of Wyrd is the Norse Pagan matrix of fate, woven by the three Norns, “the Shapers of destiny” (the fates) of Viking mythology. The symbol of nine staves in a grid contains all of the ancient runes within it, and therefore all of the past, present,

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Neuronod - Explorations

Neuronod – ExplorationsOcculta Records is proud to present the debut album of its latest signing, the talented producer from France Neuronod. As the title suggests, we are thrown into a explorative world of dark atmospheres, sci fi fx , deep basslines and grooves. Neuronod has managed to carve out a very tight album that is

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V.A - Depth Transition : Out Now

V.A – Depth Transition : Out Now Occulta Records presents his final release of the year! 32 tracks, ranging from psy-tech to the various shades of dark progressive, with a deep transition from style to style. It includes some of the best artists in the scene alongside some upcoming talent to watch out for. Incredibly

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No-C - Born Bad Ep : Out Now

No-C – Born Bad Ep : Out Now Occulta presents the debut on its imprint of its latest signing from Austria, No-C. Following up from his strong solo from our last compilation, he presents to us his finest work to date. 3 tracks of proper modern dark progressive. Driving, abstract, mechanical sounds all laced with

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Xompax - Metacycle

Xompax – Metacycle : Occulta is proud to present the debut Ep of its newest signing and one of the most promising to come out of the scene from Mexico, in the recent years. Filled with solid musical tones, fat basslines and a really psychedelic groove that is best described as driving and progressive with

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V.A - Regenerative Progression

V.A – Regenerative Progression : Occulta Records presents its latest compilation, put together by our Italian Label Dj Netrin. In simple words, your’e going to get high grade dark progressive, in what could be our strongest compilation to date.Back To NewsBuy on Bandcamp

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