Occulta Records is an independent progressive psytrance label based in South India.

Since its launch in 2009 it has grown to be one of the most respectable imprints within the genre with a truly global audience.Drawing inspiration from the deep and technical side of progressive trance we aim to create a platform to showcase modern forms of progressive electronic music with a firm focus on quality, innovation and mystic sounds.

Latest News

V.A - 10 years Of Occulta

V.A – 10 Years Of Occulta : 10 years ago we heard offshoots of music that could be described as alternative, deep and the more darker side of progressive psytrance. A decade later it spawned an entirely new sub genre known as dark progressive, captivating a generation of passionate, ardent listeners and bringing in new producers […]

Diffus - Web Of Wyrd

Diffus – Web Of Wyrd Out Now : The Web of Wyrd is the Norse Pagan matrix of fate, woven by the three Norns, “the Shapers of destiny” (the fates) of Viking mythology. The symbol of nine staves in a grid contains all of the ancient runes within it, and therefore all of the past, […]

Neuronod - Explorations

Neuronod – Explorations Occulta Records is proud to present the debut album of its latest signing, the talented producer from France Neuronod. As the title suggests, we are thrown into a explorative world of dark atmospheres, sci fi fx , deep basslines and grooves. Neuronod has managed to carve out a very tight album that […]

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